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  Job Postings and Standard Wages: This publication includes information about the types of job opening received and the starting wages listed with offices of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

  Ethics Bill Ready for Senate Passage: A proposed ethics plan co-authored by State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) to "help enhance the integrity and reputation of state government" is ready for passage by the Indiana Senate.

  How 529 Plans Help Families Save for College : What is a 529 plan? They are investment vehicles designed to help families pay for future expenses associated with college or other qualified post-secondary training. Though contributions to a 529 plan are not deductible, these plans offer other tax advantages and are named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. All 50 states and the District of Columbia sponsor at least one type of 529 plan.

  Law Offers Special Tax Breaks for Small Business: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), enacted in February, created, extended or expanded a variety of business tax deductions and credits. Because some of these changes—the bonus depreciation and increased section 179 deduction, for example—are only available this year, eligible businesses only have a few months to take action and save on their taxes. Here is a quick rundown of some of the key provisions.

  2010 Hoosier Rising Star Award : There are many young Hoosiers who roll up their sleeves for their communities, and they deserve recognition. That’s why I created the Hoosier Rising Star Award in 2007 – to honor our state’s outstanding young people. If you personally know one of these youths, please nominate them for the Hoosier Rising Star competition.


Batesville Tool & Die Expansion: An estimated 40 new jobs will be created at Batesville Tool and Die by 2013 due to a $9.7 million expansion, a June 17 news release stated.

  ARC Loans Now Available for Small Business: WASHINGTON – Starting June 15, SBA began accepting loans for a temporary new program called America’s Recovery Capital. "ARC" loans...

  Duke Energy Offers Tips: CHARLOTTE, N.C. – With the deep chill of winter settling in, Duke Energy offers customers some simple tips to help manage their heating bills...

  BBB Initiative Arms Small Business Owners: BBB’s "Data Security—Made Simpler" provides free, easy-to-understand guidance and turn-key resources to help small business owners...

  Data Security Made Simpler: We’ve all seen the headlines in recent years about large scale data breaches — an international crime ring hacks into a national retailer, siphoning off millions of payment card details; or a government agency loses millions of personal records...

  Enhanced Telecommunications - Tech Team: For a vehicle to run at optimum performance, proper maintenance is required. The same can be said for your computer. That's why Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is proud to introduce its
new Tech Team...

American Trends: This represents the latest monthly summary and analysis of the major indices of consumer confidence, both current and future.

  New Credit Card Laws: Over the past several months, you may have read and heard much about the consumer friendly credit card laws that are going into effect....


  1 Railroad Lights and Gates Coming Soon: Lights and Gates Coming to Railroad Crossings in Batesville

Mayor Rick Fledderman announced today that lights and gates are coming to 3 railroad crossings in Batesville. Winding Way, Coonhunters Road and Delaware are the 3 railroad crossing that will be upgraded with the lights and gates. Mayor Fledderman stated “that with Honda coming to Greensburg we took a proactive approach to improve the safety at our railroad crossings and it is great to see our efforts being rewarded.” Funding for this project is coming from the 130 Safety Fund through the Rail Safety Program and is in cooperation with both the state and federal government. Fledderman went on to state that “funding has also been pursued for the Park Avenue crossing but because it is already serviced with lights it did not qualify for this program.” He went on to say, “efforts will continue to obtain funding for this crossing as our goal is to make all crossings as safe as possible.”
The funding is covered 100% by the program and it is estimated at $750,000.

  2 Labor Market Review: Please find attached the Labor Market Review containing September 2011 data for Indiana Economic Growth Region 9.

  Five Tips for Avoiding Refund Delays Relating to Y: The $250 Economic Recovery Payments that were issued in 2009 by the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board must be included when claiming the Making Work Pay Tax Credit on 2009 tax returns. Many people who worked during 2009 and also received a $250 Economic.....


2 TIF District Advances: BATESVILLE — The Batesville Redevelopment Commission modified and confirmed a resolution that will lead to a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district.

Chamber Report Card Reveals Mixed Bag: A new report from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce suggests the state's business climate is improving, but serious concerns remain about work force issues. The chamber's Indiana Vision 2025 Report Card highlights key challenges including educational attainment and the ability to attract and retain talent. In a Studio (i) interview, President Kevin Brinegar says college degree attainment and addressing the skills gap will be important areas of focus moving forward.

Indiana Right-to-Work State: Indiana Becomes 23rd Right-to-Work State

“With the passage of right-to-work, Indiana has further distinguished itself from neighboring states and given companies another big reason to bring their business and jobs here – and not there. This is the latest in a long line of actions to help make Indiana one of the most attractive climates for business relocations and expansions. Hoosier workers also will have the choice now of whether or not to join a union. People in Indiana and across the country recognize the critical importance of such a freedom of choice.” – Kevin Brinegar, Indiana Chamber of Commerce president